Rally Against Hate at UofM Campus #LOVEtrumpsHATE


Facebook event details here

An anti-immigrant mural at the University of Minnesota went up today on the Twin Cities campus Washington Bridge. It reads: Build the Wall. It echos the anti-Mexican, anti-immigrant racist rhetoric that has instigated violence across the nation.

We have all heard the politics of fear during this campaign that has also created violence against Muslim folks, POC, and gbltq. Stand up together and let’s all share the message that this is our community and we stand together against hate!!! 4pm *this is a non violent demonstration in collaboration with La Raza student center

Hateful mural is located toward the West Bank side of the Washington Ave. bridge, where we will meet. Open mic will be available for people who want to talk about access to education, love and acceptance.

Check hateful mural here.