APPLICATION OPEN: Mn Dream Act 2017-18


The 2017-2018 MN Dream Act application used by undocumented students to apply for state financial aid is now available to students.

Students can access the 2017-2018 application from this page:

Like the FAFSA, the 2017-2018 MN Dream Act application will also be asking for income information from two years prior (tax year 2015). When a student submits a 2017-2018 MN Dream Act application, they will receive an automated email letting them know which documents to send in to our office. That email will let them know they do not need to resubmit copies of 2015 federal tax forms if they already submitted those for their 2016-2017 MN Dream Act application.

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education hopes to provide early State Grant award estimates to 2017-2018 applicants in the late fall or early winter based on the official estimated State Grant parameters that will be released by OHE. After they know the final 2017-2018 State Grant award parameters and tuition and fees in June 2017, they will send out official/final State Grant award notices to applicants.

All inquiries regarding the MN Dream Act can go to: Meghan.Flores[at]