According to PEW Research Center, Millennials -also the most racially diverse demographic population- make up 44% of Latino eligible voters and are the main driver of growth in the Latino electorate. From 2012 to 2016, 3.2 million young U.S.-born Latinos came of age and turned 18, accounting for 80% of the increase in Latino eligible voters during this time.

Navigate is led by Latino Millennials and are part of the pool of what is considered the New American Coalition made up by young people that deeply care about immigration, college affordability, job creation, the environment, economic  and racial justice.

#YoDecido is Navigate’s way to politicize our realities. We are deciding to shift the narrative and recognize the everyday power building that organically happens all around the Latinx community in Minnesota. From art to organizing, our vibrant Minnesotanos keep making history, influencing nationally and proving the “sleeping giant” is wide awake. #YoDecido is all about Latinx centered power, authority and self-determination but always with community.

As we know this election is important, and the lies being spread about our gente have activated us exponentially. And we will prove it on November 8th.

Because when our community is under threat – WE FIGHT BACK!