“In Case You Missed It” – News Update 2/13

More than 2,000 join pro-refugee, pro-immigrant march in Minneapolis Walk of Love Banner Walk of Love March

On Saturday, February 11, over 2,000 people joined a massive march from downtown Minneapolis to the University of Minnesota to show support for refugees and immigrants who may be or have been affected by President Donald Trump’s recent policies. The walk deemed itself “The Caravan of Love.”

Widespread Anti-Trump Protests Take Place Across MexicoMexico Trump Protest

Anti-Donald Trump demonstrations were held in 18 cities across Mexico on Sunday, February 12. The principle behind the demonstrations was to show national unity against the U.S. president. These were the country’s first such protests since President Trump’s inauguration.  

Immigrants are a vital part of Minnesota’s labor force, report says

A study and report released by the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs concluded that Minnesota needs to use its existing resources and capital to increase skills for immigrant work and to attract more immigrants to Minnesota to keep pace with its economic growth.

Crossing the border: US migrants seek refugee status in CanadaEmerson


A growing number of asylum seekers are illegally crossing the Canada – United States border hoping to receive refugee status, especially at the Canada-Minnesota border. The rural Canadian town of Emerson with a population of only 700 people is stretching its resources to accommodate the continuous stream of incomers.

By Alex Bollman, Intern