News Update – Week of 2/27/17

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Case of Mexican Teen Slain by Border Patrol

Border Case

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering an appeal by the parents of an unarmed Mexican teenager, Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca, who was killed by a U.S. border patrol agent in June 2010. The case could determine the scope of U.S. law and whether non-citizens are by protected by American courts. During oral arguments, the 8 U.S. judges appeared evenly divided.

Trump’s Immigration Policies Explained

This article provides an explanation on Trump’s new and changing immigration policies – who the government is prioritizing for deportation, new policies at the border, new policies regarding expedited removal, and the role that local police (who are different from ICE police) will play in enforcement.

California Demands Info on Immigration Arrests

The California legislature is fighting back against the new Trump immigration policies by demanding information from the administration on recent immigration arrests and raids.

Muslims Give Money to Jewish Institutions That Are Attacked

Cemetary In the past week there have been numerous attacks on Jewish cemeteries. However, people have come together to raise more than $136,000 in donations, and many have pledged to stand behind and financially support Jewish institutions if there are further attacks.

Bill to Crack Down on Minnesota Protesters Advance in House, Senate

This new legislation in Minnesota will increase the penalties for obstructing traffic access to an airport, highway or public transit system (from a misdemeanor to a gross misdemeanor – which could result in up to a year in jail or a $3,000 fine, or both).

Stars Wear Blue Ribbon to Support the A.C.L.U. at the Oscars

Blue Ribbons

Numerous stars and celebrities showed up to the Oscars red carpet wearing a bright-blue ribbon, representing the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to show solidarity with the organization which has worked and continues to work to protect individual rights and liberties, especially in the past few months.

By: Alex Bollman, Intern

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