Press Conference regarding DACA decision
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The White House announced today that their official position today is that DACA decision is still under review.
NAVIGATE & allies will host a Press Conference an hour after an official White House announcement (WH Press Sec. said Tuesday, other officials said by Monday; nothing confirmed) at El Colegio High School.
We will share more when we have specific information.
La Casa Blanca anunció hoy que su posición oficial hoy es que la decisión de DACA todavía está bajo revisión.
NAVIGATE & allies acogerá una conferencia de prensa una hora después de un anuncio oficial de la Casa Blanca (esperado segun a oficiales a mas tardar el Lunes, y la Sec. de Media dijo que el martes pero no confirmado) en la Escuela Secundaria El Colegio.
Compartiremos más cuando tengamos información específica.

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Things to keep in mind:
1) If you are traveling abroad on advance parole with your DACA, come back as soon as possible! We don’t know if people outside the U.S. with advance parole will be allowed to return to the U.S. once an announcement terminating the program is made.
2) If you were thinking of applying for initial and renewal we recommend not submitting your application. The program can end before your application is processed and you may lose your $495 fee.
3) In Minnesota, the MN Dream Act remains intact. Some provisions that provide benefits over working requirements may be affected (work study) but overall, the program remains intact.

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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is under grave threat. Trump has left young immigrants in the dark about the future of a program that has let them pursue education, build careers, and start families. Act now to tell our elected officials to save DACA!