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“In NAVIGATE, I learned to embrace my migration story and speak up; through leadership development, my hope came back, and so did the dreams. That is how important NAVIGATE is for many of us; it is safe space, it is a motivational space.” Emilia, undocumented student.

“I have seen first-hand the empowerment, inspiration and leadership that NAVIGATE creates. Immigrant youth leaders and participants coming together to tell their stories, share their dreams and hopes for a better tomorrow, and overcoming hardships and fears is a beautiful thing to behold – it was palpable to see despair turning to hope as NAVIGATE peer leaders shared how they overcame long odds and multiple barriers but still experience a wide range of successes. Such empowerment lifts both the individual and the community and helps make the impossible seem within one’s grasp. Truly inspiring!” – John Keller, Executive Director, Immigrant Law Center of MN

“NAVIGATE does whatever is necessary to inform students and their families and narrow the disparities in education in Minnesota.” Isabel Duran, College Connector.

“NAVIGATE provides the both the ‘lift’ of technical and spirit advice these wonderful students badly need and the moral and practical conscious the rest of us need to embrace them.” Carlos Mariani, MN State Representative